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Wel­come to the Future of Peo­ple Management  A Fusion of AI Technology 
and Peo­ple Management 
Intro­duc­ing Profesi.io
Your Smart Peo­ple Solution 


Our con­vic­tion leads to the ideation of com­bin­ing AI (Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence) tech­nol­o­gy and peo­ple man­age­ment frame­work to keep the bal­ance between com­pa­ny agili­ty and peo­ple man­age­ment require­ments. AI tech­nol­o­gy will address com­pa­ny needs with the most appro­pri­ate peo­ple man­age­ment designs that can adapt to the dynam­ic change in busi­ness strat­e­gy and model.

Competency Dictionary and Profile

Profesi.io enables the align­ment of com­pa­ny vision, mis­sion, val­ues and busi­ness strat­e­gy with the com­pe­ten­cy require­ments of the employ­ees. Our AI tech­nol­o­gy will ana­lyze any change in the company’s strate­gic direc­tion to sug­gest appro­pri­ate adjust­ment in every com­pe­ten­cy for the job.

360-degree Assessment

360-degree assess­ment is one of the most com­mon assess­ment mod­els that has been imple­ment­ed in the area of peo­ple man­age­ment and devel­op­ment. What dif­fer­en­ti­ate our assess­ment mod­el from the oth­er mod­els is the abil­i­ty to align AI-gen­er­at­ed com­pe­ten­cy mod­els with the assess­ment design suit­abil­i­ty in achiev­ing the com­pa­ny goals.

Learning Management

Our AI tech­nol­o­gy plat­form will run auto­mat­ed train­ing needs analy­sis and pro­pose appro­pri­ate devel­op­ment plan for each of the indi­vid­ual employ­ees in meet­ing their job com­pe­ten­cy require­ments and career aspi­ra­tion to devel­op the next lev­el of com­pe­ten­cy proficiency.